Key Information Regarding Your Hand Made Item.

Firstly, I hope you love your item. It is unique, there isn’t another one like it in the world! How cool is that?! Due to how your item is made & the various items and fabrics used, here are some care points and things to note.

Your item is safest washed at 30 degrees (40 Max)

Due to the nature of the mixed fabrics used within your item, we advise washing at 30 degrees. Different fabrics react to different temperatures when washed. For example, cotton may shrink when washed at a high temperature. I wouldn’t advise washing your item more than once a week, as this will make it ware more over time. I would not advise tumble drying, as this can alter the shape of your item. I like to wash my items with a colour catcher sheet, which can be bought for around £2 from most stores.

For best results, iron your item

Again, as above, mixed fabrics react in different ways when washed. For best results, you may want to iron your blanket after a wash. This will enable you to re-shape any areas which may not look flat or square. Iron on a medium to high heat.

Lastly, love & enjoy your blanket.


Rebecca Little at The Little Quilt Company

The Little



If you think women are the weaker sex...

try pulling the blanket back to your side.

What everyone sees = blanket 

How I feel = impenetrable armour.

I've decided that i no longer care for being an adult. If anyone needs me, i will be in my blanket fort, colouring.

Sleeping in the summer is hard because blankets are too warm but without blankets you're vulnerable to monsters.

If you think women are the weaker sex, try pulling the blanket back to your side.


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